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Latest Updated : March 08, 2019

My name is William Ng, from Hong Kong, and like to use LT as my name in short for people to call me at astronomical activities or astronomy clubs in Hong Kong. When you see any post to facebook or astro forums with a name of LT, that is me. So, in case you meet me  somewhere in Hong Kong or on Earth, welcome to call me as LT or William.

Previously, I owned a domain name of "william-lt-ng.com". Very unfortunately, my website had been hacked for a few times, and my website hosting company could not fix it. So, I terminated the hosting service provided by this company. But that company didn't release my previous domain name to the public even 6 months had passed. So as to continue running of my website, I have to replace my previous domain name by this new one "www.william-lt-5.com" and find another company for hosting my website.

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Should you have any question, welcome to send me email to info@william-lt-5.com or

Visit my facebook page :  www.facebook.com/tatscope.ng  or  Vixen's Club (Hong Kong)  www.facebook.com/groups/375181899562341/ 

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